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Babymoon in Portugal

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Since I found out we were having a little one, going on a babymoon was something I really wanted to do. I thought it would be really good for Sam and I to go away for a few days, just .



For me, every day/week/month of pregnancy seems like an exciting milestone, but there are some very clear points throughout the pregnancy that Sam & I had been counting down to. The .

Halfway through…


That’s a scary thought isn’t it? 20 weeks through my pregnancy. Depending on what app or website I visit, my baby is currently the size of a small cantaloupe, a mango or a banana. I’m .

Interview: Yummy Mummy Nutrition

Baking Lifestyle Mum Life

Since getting into running and fitness a few years back, I began to realise that eating properly is just as important as doing exercise. For baby-shaped reasons (and a torn Achilles) I .

Anxiety and pregnancy

Mental Health Pregnancy

Have you ever been swimming or paddling in the sea, just getting on with things, when out of nowhere, a huge wave comes up, knocking you over or pushing you under the water? A wave .

Baby on Board


I’m not one to use this blog space for ranting or complaining, and this won’t become a regular thing, but there has been something over the past few weeks that has frustrated and .

Entering the second trimester…


So, here I am in my second trimester, eagerly awaiting this burst of energy, and regularly checking the mirror for that gorgeous pregnancy glow…

The Surprise Project


I have some exciting news that has already completely changed my life, and I wanted to share it on here…