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All the little things: March


It’s the end of another month, and this time, the month ends with chocolate!

My 2018 reading challenge: What I read in March


My 2018 reading challenge is going really well, and I’m still thoroughly enjoying it. My TBR list is growing longer by the day!

Creme egg brownies


I really enjoy baking but I don’t usually have much time to do it, but with Easter just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to bake some creme egg brownies…

A weekend in Brussels


I spent this weekend in Brussels with my friend Hannah. We chose to visit Brussels as it meant we could get the Eurostar, which we felt maximised the time we had…

Blogger Book Nook #7: Books to screen


I was really excited when I found out this months prompt for Blogger Book Nook was about book and film adaptations, it’s something I love discussing!

Juggling freelancing, parenting and full-time work*

Daily life

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about being an editor and freelance writer, and a few people have asked me how I manage to juggle everything…

My 2018 reading challenge: What I read in February


I managed to read seven books in February, yay! I’m hoping I can keep up this momentum for the rest of the year, if I can, then I’ll be able to hit my target of 50 books!

Meet my March advertisers


It’s a new month, which means three fabulous new advertisers to share with you! Let me introduce you to these wonderful ladies…

All the little things: February

Daily life

February has definitely gone by much quicker than January. It’s been an absolutely freezing month – it’s currently snowing!Here are some of my favourite moments from the month…

Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens


Visiting new places in and around London is one of my favourite things to do. There are so many beautiful places, and I want to explore more…

Healthy habits as a family*


Sam and I try to eat as well as we can, and this is something we very much want to pass on to Dougie. Now that Dougie is a little older, he eats pretty much the same meals that we do…

Becoming an editor: An insider’s guide

Daily life

When I’m not blogging or parenting, my 9-5 job is as an editor for a property website, and I also work as a freelance writer…