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Advertise with me

As I no longer have a wedding to plan, I’m throwing myself wholeheartedly into my blog. One thing I have been thinking about doing for a while is advertising. I know a lot of people offer it, and I think it is such a lovely way to support other bloggers and small businesses, and to find new blogs, so in 2018, I will be offering three advertising slots each month, and I’m so excited!

DA: 30

Twitter: 2100+

Instagram: 1500+

Monthly blog views: 2,500+

Cost: £5 a month

Next availability: May 2018

Your blog button in my sidebar

Individual #FF every week

At least 5 RTs of your promotional tweets throughout the month

Included in a blog post at the beginning of each month

2 Instagram story shoutouts

When you advertise with me, if you have a small business such as an Etsy store, or a Twitter community for example, let me know and I’ll happily include links to these in my monthly blog posts.

As part of the package includes promotional RTs, I will only be able to fulfil this part of the package if you post promotional tweets.

Payment for the advertising slot must be sent via PayPal before the start of the month.

If you’re interested, send me an email at: thehelsproject@outlook.com and I’ll reply as soon as possible!