About me – Q&A

I love finding out more about people that I chat to on a daily basis, and I wanted to do a fun post, so I decided to ask on Twitter if anyone wanted to know anything about me (with every intention of deleting the tweet if no-one replied!) and lots of my favourite blogger friends replied – yay!

I think my proudest blogging moment was when a couple of people commented on a blog post not long after I’d posted it, before I’d promoted it anywhere, which meant people were actually voluntarily reading it! Also getting approached out of the blue for my first sponsored post was pretty cool 🙂

I’d like more people to know that being a mum will make you see everything in a totally different light, suddenly you have to see the world through brand new eyes. And also that you don’t need to buy a million toys, Dougie spent 20 minutes earlier bending down and putting handfuls of air into my hands.

My childhood celebrity crush waaaaas… Gareth Gates and Aladdin.

I have a couple of favourite authors – John Fowles, because his writing is so unique, I love his style and the French Lieutenant’s Woman is my favourite book. Also JK Rowling because she created the world that I continue to escape to.

Favourite clothing piece is currently Sam’s pink faded salmon jumper, it’s so cosy.

I couldn’t live without cereal. I eat far too much of it. Mainly Coco Pops and Weetabix mixed together.

Bucket list: Climb a mountain, visit the South Sandwich Islands, learn another language

I think I’d describe myself as…a good listener, as supportive as I can be and extremely indecisive. Also quite determined – when I put my mind to something I work really, really hard.

Weirdest dream was probably when I was pregnant – I had SUCH vivid dreams then, I relayed to Sam a dream about how I gave birth to Voldemort and then I raised him alongside my pet dolphin. It wasn’t that weird but it was SO real, I was convinced I’d popped out He Who Must Not Be Named.

When Sam and I were in Vietnam, one day we got up really early and went on a boat trip down the Mekong River and watched the sunrise, walked through rice paddies and ate breakfast from a floating market, once we got back to our hotel it was only about 10am, so we cycled through Can Tho, snuck into a hotel to use their swimming pool, then went and explored the markets, and finished off the day drinking cocktails by the river, it was one of those days where you don’t realise just how amazing it was until afterwards!

Mmmm chicken wrapped in parma ham with new potatoes and veg.

Probably Victoria from InTheFrow, I love her blog, and I get so envious of the places she gets to travel to (plus, those clothes…)!

Dream holiday would be Mexico (eeeee hello honeymoon!) and Vietnam, even though I’ve already been, I would absolutely love to go back. And I would go back to New York time and time again.

I actually had a blog about 4 years ago with a friend, I loved it, then that fizzled out and I missed having a creative outlet!

Favourite band/musician changes regularly, but The National, Foals and Boxer Rebellion are always on my playlists

I wanted a creative outlet, I missed writing for fun – I spend my days writing for other people and I wanted to write for me

I’d like to have one more baby I think… 🙂 Not for a couple of years though, and I’d like to be living somewhere a bit bigger, this flat already feels quite small with Dougie crawling around!

Balancing everything is difficult – motherhood is my priority, and I’m lucky that I can fit Dougie into most of my personal life, as in, my friends are more than happy to hang out with a baby, or come and visit me here in the evenings once Dougie is in bed, work is a struggle at times, once Dougie starts nursery it’ll be a bit easier, but I do find that hard. Blogging I do as and when I can, sometimes I’ll write out posts on my phone on a commute, sometimes at 3am when I’m trying to settle Dougie – I find time somehow!

I love crime fiction, I think Terry Hayes – I Am Pilgrim got me hooked on that!

Tell me in the comments one fun fact about you 🙂


  • Ahh this was fab to get to know you better! I will definitely read I am Pilgrim soon!!

  • Wow what fab questions, Abbey sure asked you a lot haha! I agree on the blogging moment, sometimes when I get comments on posts that haven’t even been promoted I feel soo proud. Also Victoria from ITF is such a good call.

    One fun fact about me: I came second in a tennis tournament when I was 11.

  • Steph – Wanderlust Pulse

    I had a crush on Gareth Gates too…

    Eeeesh another baby would be exciting! I need to meet the first before that though!

    I might try reading crime, I love watching it but never picked up a book x

  • Food & Baker

    This is such a great post! Thank you for answering our question and that sounds abosulte delightful! Glad to get to know you more with everyone else’s questions!

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk / http://www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this post, I love finding out more about people I meet on twitter. These blog posts are one of my favourite to read; your trip to Vietnam sounds incredible! I’ve had I am pilgrim on my to read list for ages but just haven’t gotten round to reading it. Lovely post xx


  • Keighley Smith

    I really enjoyed this post lovely – personal posts are my favourite! Thank you very much for answering my question❤ p.s. I am so envious that you have been to Vietnam! One of the top places on our lists x

  • Okaaaaaay …. Aladdin?! Also giving birth to Voldemort does NOT sound fun!! Love posts like these 🙂 xx

    Golly Miss Holly

  • Oooh this was such a cool post Hels, I loved getting to know you a bit more! The Voldemort dreams sounds incredibly weird haha, I suffer from really bad dreams every night so I sort of get it haha! I’d love to go to Mexico too, I’m sure you’ll have the best time! xx

  • Ellis Woolley

    The Vietnam trip sounds like an absolute dream, I bet sneaking in for a swim was so exciting! x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    I love Q&A style posts! I giggled in your introduction as I, myself, have asked for Q&A questions and swiftly deleted the tweet when I have received no replies! The day you want to relive sounds absolutely amazing, and I can see why you would want to relive it! It sounds like such a dream!


    Hayley X


  • This post is so nice and such a great idea! I love how you did it! JK Rowling is also one of my fav author! I recommend Sarah Maas 😉 It is always so great to see that your post attract people without you promoting or anything… A fun fact about me? Humm… My dream job is to be a writer! xx corinne

  • Oh, this is such a cool post! I would totally be the same if no one responded :p

  • Yasmina Sahraoui

    Gave birth to Voldemort!! Hahaha that’s an amazing dream and a little scary. It’s so nice finding out about the person behind the blog it makes it so much more relatable. Oh and I totally had a crush on Gareth Gates too! x

  • Liz Brannan

    This is such a good idea for a post! I love getting to know people and find out more about their life! Hope you get to visit Mexico and tick the things off your bucket list!

    Liz x

  • I really loved reading this, I could definitely go to New York time and time again. Your day in Vietnam sounds amazing too, I love those days where you’re just enjoying everything and then realise how amazing it was. I can’t believe you had a dream about giving birth to Voldemort too!

    Kristy | http://www.thevioletblonde.com

  • Kate

    Brilliant post! It was great getting to know you! I would love to climb a mountain too! I have crazy dreams sometimes too! I love chicken especially with veg dishes as you mentioned! I would love to go to Mexico and New York sometime, I have so many places that I want to explore!

  • I love finding out more about other bloggers and Q&As are the best way to do it! Your day in Vietnam sounds like it was the best day ever – I would love to do that. I’m not surprised you’d want to relive it!