As we’ve been having such beautiful weather these last few weeks, we thought we’d take a mini road trip to Brighton to take Dougie to the seaside. We actually visited Brighton a few weeks before Dougie was born last year, our final trip just Sam and I, and we thought it would be lovely to go back with him.

If you read my blog, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll have seen that I (finally!) passed my driving test a couple of months ago. Since then, I’ve done a few drives to build my confidence up, though I do still prefer it if Sam drives. However, I thought it was only fair to do the return journey if Sam drove us there!

As I’m still quite a new driver, I’ve been quite nervous about driving by myself in case something goes wrong with the car, especially when I’m driving with Dougie, so I like to check that everything is working as it should in the car. I think this is something that is so important, not just for your own safety, but for everyone else on the road too. During summer as well, there are problems that could arise as a result of the heat, such as tyre punctures due to the hot roads or the engine overheating – I was actually asked to find the engine coolant in my driving test so that’s something that will always stick with me!

We packed our bags first thing in the morning – although we were only going for the day, the amount of stuff you need when you have a baby is ridiculous!

Once we arrived in Brighton, we wanted to find somewhere yummy for brunch. It was a really lovely day, so everywhere was quite busy, but we went to Lucky Beach Café on the seafront (I think Dougie’s smiling and waving definitely helped us find a good spot!) I had Brioche French Toast with salted caramel and bananas, and a watermelon soda which was delicious – I’d definitely recommend both.

After brunch, we headed down the pier and had a wander around the arcade, which was lovely, but it’ll be even more fun when Dougie is a bit older and can play properly. We walked down the seafront and took Dougie down to the sea. The water was still pretty cold so he wasn’t overly excited by it, but he loved sitting on the rocks, and spent much of the time trying to put them in his mouth…

It wouldn’t have been a trip to Brighton without an ice cream, and we came across Boho Gelato – their cherry cheesecake ice cream was incredible!

Our drive to Brighton and back was about three hours in total, so it wasn’t too long a drive, but if you are planning a long road trip, it could be worth getting your car serviced beforehand – nothing worse than needing to call for help just a few miles into your trip! The tyres, engine and exhaust system are all things to consider when you’re looking to hit the open road, and if you’re concerned about your exhaust system and live in or near Stirling you can book your car exhaust repair in Stirling at Fife Autocentre.

If you could go anywhere on a road trip, where would you go?

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