Each Sunday, the Columbia Road Flower Market is held in East London, just off Hackney Road. It’s on every Sunday from 8am – 3pm, whatever the weather. This weekend has been gloriously sunny, and my friend Hannah asked if I wanted to go to the market, so Dougie and I headed to Hoxton to enjoy the flowers and the sunshine!

It’s definitely one of the most beautiful ways to spend a Sunday morning in London. Although it is very busy, I quite liked that as it meant we had to walk quite slowly down the street so we were able to properly see everything on offer.

(Dougie was desperate to touch EVERYTHING)

The market has everything floral and foliage lovers could want – bedding plants, lucky bamboo, cute cacti, succulent plants, bulbs, herbs, shrubs and row after row of beautiful flowers!

I absolutely loved the market, and it was such a nice way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. If you want the best pick of the bunch and to avoid the crowds, I’d advise going as early as you can, however as the morning goes on, they often reduce the prices so you may find you get more for your money later in the day!

I wanted to buy everything, but sadly I had a baby strapped to my chest which made carrying additional bags a bit tricky, but I did have to buy a Sedum Burrito, which I have named Eric, and he is happily hanging on my balcony!

Have you ever been to Columbia Road Flower Market? Which flowers would you love for your home?