Safe to say, April has been an incredibly busy, but exciting month for me. It’s also the last month of my maternity, which is making me really, really sad. I feel like I’ve been in a lovely, exhausting, surreal, sleep-deprived bubble for the last few months, and I’m really anxious about the change…
I’m being good about sticking with my monthly snapshots, and I’m spending more time working on my blog – I’ve given it a bit of a redesign, and how beautiful is my new header? It was made by the amazing Jemma, and I’m completely in love with it!
So, monthly moments…


I read Eleven, by Mark Watson while we were on holiday in Portugal which I really enjoyed. It’s quite an easy read, but I loved the concept behind it – the idea that one moment in your life can have a ripple effect on so many other lives without you even realising.

TV Show

Considering Dougie goes to bed around 7pm, we’ve had quite a bit of time for TV this month! Line of Duty is definitely a favourite – how amazing is the new series?! A few weeks behind the rest of the country, we’ve just marathoned series 3 of Broadchurch, and we’re watching Big Little Lies which I’m really enjoying.

Day out

We visited Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park which was absolutely beautiful – just look at these colours!


Ohhh too many, as usual. I love this one of Dougie looking really annoyed that I wouldn’t share my pizza…


We went to see Boss Baby at baby cinema this month, and I actually really enjoyed it, there were some pretty funny moments.

Dougie moment

He got his first TWO teeth! Obviously this meant we had several nights of minimal sleep, but now he has two adorable little teeth! He’s also really enjoying food now, and he slept through the night for the first time ever! He’s yet to repeat this miraculous feat, but at least we know he can do it!


I managed to lose my trainers the DAY BEFORE THE MARATHON, no idea how, but I did. Worst timing. So the day before the marathon I went and bought some new Nike Free RN Distance trainers, and spent the day wearing them in. They are absolutely amazing. I didn’t get a single blister during the marathon which I think is pretty impressive!


The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask – I read about it on Ellis’ blog and decided to invest, and I love it – my skin feels so soft!


I have two huge achievements this month. First, I passed my driving test on my fifth attempt. I still can’t quite believe it! I’ve done a few drives since passing, I’m still not massively confident, but that’ll come with practice! Second achievement was the London Marathon, which I ran/jogged/power walked in five and a half hours, raising over £1200 for South Knighton Memory Cafes.

Memorable moment

This goes with the above achievement, but when I was running the marathon, I reached mile 25 where I saw Sam, Dougie, my mum and a couple of friends. I ran over to see them and having Dougie grin at me, and seeing them all cheering me on was the push I needed to get over the finish line, that’s a moment that’s definitely sticking in my mind.
What have been your best moments this month?