All the little things: March

I can’t quite believe we’re already coming to the end of March already?! Although I’m excited because it means our family holiday to Portugal is fast approaching, but much less excited that it also means my maternity leave is coming to an end – how on earth am I going to survive without spending all my days with Dougie?! But I won’t focus on that.

March has been a pretty exhausting month, but a lovely one. While there were some occasions that were bigger than others, I often find it’s the little things that stick with me, so I thought I’d go back to doing my monthly snapshots of my favourite things each month. This is being written a few days early as we’re going away, but I’ve missed writing these, and I haven’t done them since Dougie was born!


I’ll be honest, this month hasn’t been a great one for reading. I’ve reread The Circle, but otherwise it’s been books such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Spot the Dog (a classic!) but I’m planning to put a load onto my Kindle for holiday – any suggestions welcome!

TV Show

Sam and I have binge watched Line of Duty – SUCH a good show. If you’ve not watched it, I suggest you do – Series 1 & 2 are on Netflix, Series 3 on iPlayer and Series 4 has just started on Sunday evenings!!! Also Once Upon a Time is back so that made me happy.


With Spring sort of finally sprung, I pulled out my favourite skirt which I couldn’t wear at all last year and I was so happy to fit back into it! I haven’t bought many new outfits recently as I’m still breastfeeding Dougie so my choices are fairly limited. I have however bought a lovely gingham off-shoulder top from Primark for holiday, I feel so summery when I wear it!


Ohhh too many. I’ve definitely become an obsessive mum-with-a-camera, but I don’t care, I love having a ridiculous amount of photos to look at. As nice as it is being able to scroll through my camera roll and share photos on my Instagram, I miss printing photos. Luckily, I discovered Printiki* and was able to print out some of my favourite photos to display around the house in cute polaroid form. Their site is really easy to use – as well as uploading images from your computer, you can link it with your social accounts to select photos for printing, and I ordered them on Tuesday and they came just in time for Mother’s Day, which was so lovely – super speedy delivery and the quality is excellent!


Thanks to the wonder of baby cinema, I’ve been able to go to the cinema quite a bit. This month Beauty and the Beast was far and away the best film I saw this month. I can see why not everyone would enjoy it, but I thought it was well done, and I really liked Emma Watson as Belle.


I seem to have bought an awful lot of cute little bits this month. My favourites are probably my Coconut Lane Macbook skin, it’s so beautiful, my GOSH lipstick (shade: Smoothie) and I got some adorable pins (avocado and coffee cup) from Shop Wild Violet. I haven’t bought many clothes for me this month but I bought Dougie his first pair of sunglasses and an adorable hat for holiday – they were excellent and extremely worthwhile purchases!


Skincare-wise, I invested in Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum, which is supposed to reduce my pores. I’m not sure how much of a difference I can see, but it makes my skin feel lovely and it smells incredible! Make-up, has to be my GOSH lipstick I mentioned above, I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I bought it.

(This photo is obviously to show off the GOSH lipstick, not to admire how adorable Dougie is…)


I’m training for the marathon at the moment and for me, each run I do is an achievement. I’m doing it to raise money for South Leicester Memory Cafes, and I’ve surpassed the amount I was hoping to raise, so I’m really pleased by that. Read about why I’m running here.

Memorable moment

Dougie moving into his own room, trying solid foods (SO messy!) and sleeping for EIGHT HOURS on more than one occasion! I never realised how excited I would be about that, but it’s amazing.


What have been your favourite things this month??



*Disclaimer: Printiki were kind enough to give me 30 beautiful prints


If you use ‘HelsProject’ when checking out at Shop Wild Violet you can get 20% off everything – yay!  


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  • Printiki

    Lovely post Hels! <3 Xx Bia

    • Thank you! I’m so pleased you liked it, and thank you so much again for the beautiful prints xx

  • I haven’t seen Beauty & The Beast yet (trying to convince by but he’s not really keen). The skirt is amazing! I love it! And your son is so cute! I haven’t read much this month. Just Lean In from Sheryl Sandberg (which was amazing). xx Corinne

    • Ahh my boyfriend really enjoyed BATB, keep trying to convince him! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check out Just Lean In! Xx

  • I adore that skirt , it’s so bright and colourful! Your son is absolutely adorable and he’s got my missing my youngest nephew.
    Alicia x

    • Thank you 🙂 and i know – i love the colours on the skirt! X

  • Emma Ramsell

    That’s skirt is beautiful! It sounds like you’ve had an amazing time! Good luck with your training! You’re braver than I am!


    • Thanks – I’m slightly terrified but I’m hoping the crowds will spur me on! X

      • Emma Ramsell

        Your going to be amazing. I have every faith inyou xx

  • Chloe

    Ah this is such a great post! Dougie is so adorable (and so is that lipstick!;) ) Hope you have a great holiday! X

  • ohh I’m definitely going to watch the first Line Of Duty episode now ! I was looking for new shows to watch as a few of my favs are ending 🙂 And I love Once Upon A Time too, need to catch up tho I’m a few episodes behind!

    • Yes yes yes watch it! It’s amazing! X

  • Line of duty sound great I’ll have to give it watch! I’m definetely a fan of printiki too x

    • Yessss watch it, it’s so good!

  • Chelsea Hodges

    Great post! I’ve been loving Coconut-Lane’s products too! I’m actually in the US and they are UK based, so I’m afraid to actually place an order, I’ve heard about custom charges and I’m afraid I’ll get overcharged or something, but their site is adorable haha. Wish I was in the UK.

    • Ohhh that’s such a shame 🙁 i have a 20% discount code if you ever do make an order (HelsProject20) but i don’t know what custom charges would be like 🙁 if you ever come to the UK I’ll order you some bits as a celebration! X

  • Coconut Lane sell some gorgeous products, I would love to get one of their skins for my Macbook, it is just so hard to decide which one!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    • I know! Took me ages to decide! X

  • Omg! Dougie is seriously so cute aw. This is such a cute and lovely post! I think my favourite things this month was definitely exploring and just spending time to myself working on the things I love. I feel like I can never do much when I’m at uni! But this post was great to read! xx

    sami |

  • Rosy Ferry

    The Tiger Who Came To Tea is always a winner in this house, also the mog books by the same author 🙂 Good luck with your training!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  • Rachael Shortt (PaleGirlRambli

    I absolutely love that skirt! It’s gorgeous and perfect for spring!
    Dougie is absolutely adorable in that last photo!!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    • Thank you! I was so happy I could fit back into it!

  • Jodie.Mitch

    Oh my god that skirt is amazing! I’ve heard so much about printiki, I’m definitely going to have to try them! x

    • You should – such good quality prints and super speedy delivery!

  • Keighley Smith

    Don’t worry about going back to work! I know it seems daunting for some mothers but just thing it will give you something for you to focus on that is not baby or wife related (other than the blog of course). I am also LOVING line of duty, only 8 minutes to tonight’s episode, woo! I love posts where I get to learn more about the blogger behind the blog! Lovely post, enjoyed as always xxxx